Product  LATEX MATRESS CODE  Size (cm.)
S matt (5.0cm.) 100x200x5
SS matt (5.0cm.) 110x200x5
Q matt (5.0cm.) 150x200x5
K matt (5.0cm.) 180x200x5
S matt (7.5cm.) 100x200x7.5
SS matt (7.5cm.) 110x200x7.5
Q matt (7.5cm.) 150x200x7.5
K matt (7.5cm.) 180x200x7.5
S matt (10cm.) 100x200x10
SS matt (10cm.) 110x200x10
Q matt (10cm.) 150x200x10
K matt (10cm.) 180x200x10
S matt (15cm.) 100x200x15
SS matt (15cm.) 110x200x15
Q matt (15cm.) 150x200x15
 K matt (15cm.)  180x200x15


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